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Transforming Computacenter’s Incentive Program Performance Insight 

Meet Lisa Birse, Group Manager – Vendor Business Support at Computacenter, and let her share the journey of unlocking detailed performance insights of Computacenter’s incentive programs delivered on behalf of the vendor’s they champion. 


Lisa’s Perspective: A Transformation Unveiled 

At Computacenter, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional results for our clients and vendors. As Group Manager – Vendor Business Support, my team plays a pivotal role in executing incentive programs to drive engagement and amplify ROI. However, the challenge lay in truly understanding the impact of our efforts and ensuring that every marketing development fund (MDF) spend contributed to tangible results. 

The Challenge: Navigating the Complexity of Incentive Performance 

Our incentive programs are diverse and tailored to the unique needs of the vendors we collaborate with. We needed a solution that could unravel the intricacies, providing us with clear, actionable insights into engagement levels and ROI across all MDF spend. 

Enter Pearl Analytics: A Game-Changer for Computacenter 

In our quest for clarity, we partnered with Pearl Analytics part of CI Group, and the results were transformative. The Pearl insights platform provides a comprehensive view of each incentive program performance. This was not just about data; it was about gaining actionable insights that would reshape our incentive strategies. 

The Power of True Engagement Insights: 

Pearl Analytics gave us an in-depth understanding of participant engagement, highlighting the programs that resonated most with our audience. From participation rates to specific touchpoints that sparked interest, we could now tailor our programs for maximum impact. 

ROI Illuminated: 

Unveiling the true ROI of our MDF spend became a reality with Pearl Analytics. The Cloud based insights platform tracked the entire journey – from the initiation of incentives to the impact on sales. This not only justified our investments but also empowered us to fine-tune strategies for optimal results.  

Customisation for Precision: 

One of the standout features of Pearl’s analytics services was its flexibility. Lisa’s team could customise attribution models, aligning them with the unique dynamics of each incentive program. This customisation ensured that every program’s success was accurately measured according to its distinct objectives. 

Real-time Decision Making: 

The real-time analytics offered by Pearl were a game-changer. We could adapt our strategies on the fly, responding to emerging trends and ensuring that our incentive programs were always aligned with the dynamic market landscape. 


The Result: A Success Story in Every Program 

Thanks to Pearl Analytics, Computacenter achieved unprecedented success in its incentive programs. Engagement soared, ROI was maximised, and Lisa’s team could confidently report back to software vendors with tangible evidence of the impact of their MDF spend. 


Lisa’s Verdict: 

 “Pearl Analytics has been our trusted ally in navigating the complexity of incentive program performance insights. The insights gained have not only justified our strategies but have propelled us toward continuous improvement. With Pearl, every MDF Pound spent tells a success story.” 


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