Managed Analytics Services delivering actionable insights for high impact business intelligence 


Enabling business leaders to make informed decisions from data on our PearlCloud platform

Customer Demand

Evaluate product/service need
Segment users types
Buyer Persona analysis
Buyer Priorities
Customer Journey and Experience analysis

Route to Market

Direct/in-direct value assessment
Partner Type alignment
Partner competencies metrics
Partner Marketing Performance

Business Performance

Lead/Demand Generation Metrics
Funnel & Conversion Metrics
Discounting impact analysis
Cross Sell Propensity
Customer Lifetime Value
(Predictive) Forecasting


Our strategic analytics consultancy services tailored to empower business leaders across all business domains

Strategic Analytics for business leaders

Our consultancy services are designed to support C-suite executives, Operations leaders, Marketing leaders, and Sales & Channel leaders in designing and implementing robust analysis frameworks to evaluate business performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). We specialise in providing actionable insights that drive informed decision-making at the highest levels of your organisation.

Market Opportunity assessments

Pearl Analytics conducts comprehensive Market Opportunity Assessments to identify and quantify long-term growth opportunities for your business. Whether you're targeting global expansion, specific regions or countries, vertical markets, or different routes to market (such as Channel vs. Direct), our assessments provide strategic guidance for sustainable business growth.


Expertise in Managed Analytics: Benefit from our years of experience in delivering Managed Analytics Services through our PearCloud platform. 

Customised Strategic Guidance: Our consultancy services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and industry. 

Global Reach: We offer our consultancy services globally, providing insights and support across diverse markets and regions. 

Holistic Approach: From strategic planning to implementation, we guide you through every step of the analytics journey. 


Ready to elevate your business with strategic analytics consultancy? Contact us today to learn more about how Pearl Analytics can empower your organisation with data-driven insights and solutions. 

Delivering actionable insights for high impact decisions

We compare internal performance data with external market variables to determine the best strategic direction.

PearlCloud delivers all your business intelligence through a secure cloud-based access from anywhere and anytime


Best in class technologies applied to effectively uncover business intelligence from your data

Our business intelligence solutions focus on identifying the best insights from your data to help drive effectiveness.

Our four solutions can be interlinked as a single analytical process or utilised individually depending on the needs of a project.

Data Matching and Cleansing
On average a business only uses 10% of their data for business performance improvements. The challenge to keep data clean and accurate is a constant battle. No matter what size your business poor data quality reduces effectiveness to derive real business value. We help clients clean and match their data to deliver more accurate results from business intelligence insights.
Data Governance
In today’s highly regulated and changing environment ensuring your data is safe and consistently stored is pivotal to successful business intelligence. GDPR is a constant reminder of the data challenge facing organisations. In combination with our data matching services, we help organisations define or optimise their data management processes.
Real-Time Business Intelligence
Creating better insight into business execution and performance. Through our cloud-based Customer Insights Portal, we deliver actionable insights from analysing your business data to improve in areas like Marketing funnel ROI, Rewards program participation, Channel partner contribution, and optimising your sales forecast. The intelligence is visualised and dynamic enabling you to manipulate the reporting on the fly. It is a unique single source for all your business intelligence.
Market Segmentation
Looking at your opportunity from the outside-in by analysing the market against specific variables including competition, economic factors and your organisational readiness. It is the first step in any strategic go-to-market plan, and we help deliver in-depth regional and country analysis to define your realistic growth objectives.



The leading international sales and marketing intelligence solution for enterprise technology.

Rhetorik’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology market intelligence and sales leads, spanning all major industry verticals and technology segments.

Synergy Six Degrees' purpose is to Optimise your Go-To-Market Disciplines to Drive Business Growth as we believe that Go-To-Market (GTM) is strategic and should be elevated in importance within organisations.


Brand Advertising

Roundtable are an Insight & Digital Strategy agency offering considered, creative communications campaigns for consumer, B2B and B2E markets in the UK and beyond. Specialist services include insight development, strategic marketing programmes, brand positioning and audience-led content strategy.

Digital Marketing

A powerful merging of CI Digital and Diginut creates a highly experienced and cutting-edge capability in design, UX and build across all sectors. Specialist services include consultancy and digital strategy, branding and design, mobile and app development, reporting and analytics.

Design & Creative

Ellipsis is a design agency and creative studio with a 20-year legacy of producing brand identities, design for print, digital and web design, events, animations, films and office branding for many global and UK brands across B2B, FMCG and technology sectors. The agency also offers a full suite of production and executional services.

Experiential & Rewards

CI has over 25 years of expertise of award-winning innovation in live and experiential events and reward and promotional programmes. They create outstanding staff, trade and consumer engagement globally, through both analogue and digital programmes for blue chip IT, telecoms, FMCG, travel and B2B clients.

PR & Influencing Decisions

Who do you want to influence? What do you want them to think? We influence behaviours for brands and businesses. Providing reach, driving engagement and measuring return.

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