AdobeDelivering Partner Funding and Performance Insights for Increased Channel ROI

Adobe’s EMEA Partner Marketing team works with distributors and resellers across Europe. To drive partner success Adobe offers Marketing Development Funding. This enables partners to access extra funding to run increased sales activations throughout the year.

Understanding the marketing ROI is key to Adobe’s success and helps the firm re-invest in partners that are increasing sales.

Our Insight

Value We Created

Using Pearl Analytics’ dash-boarding software, we managed to successfully streamline the marketing allocation process. In doing so we reduced workload and enabled informed decisions with instant insight.

Our Solution

The Problem We Solved

Using Pearl dashboards and data analysis, the Adobe marketing team actively manages increased partner investments through quarterly reporting. This has streamlined the analysis process moving from traditional spreadsheets to an automated solution.

The dashboard solution has reduced workload by circa 40%. In addition to streamlining processes, the full marketing leadership can obtain the latest stats at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

The Results

How We Did It

Based on the existing marketing allocation process and business priorities, Pearl developed partner performance dashboards indicating where Adobe should increase and decrease partner investment.

Following this initial project Pearl now also work on specific partner-related ROI reports, incentives and marketing analysis.

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