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S&P Global Platts is the leading independent provider of information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets. Customers in over 150 countries look to their expertise in news, pricing, and analytics.

Pearl Analytics helped Platts to conduct its first company-wide market sizing and segmentation exercise. Each function had been using data points from a variety of different sources to inform planning or strategic decisions, a siloed approach that didn’t scale. The Pearl project exhibited its value by breaking through those barriers.

Our Insight

Value We Created

Stakeholders quickly bought into the value of the project. Pearl Analytics demonstrated a data-driven approach to define the opportunity; the first time such an initiative had been undertaken across the business at Platts.

For sales teams, the convincing came in the adoption of the data. Pearl visualisations were able to show ‘this is what the data is telling us, does this look wrong or right to you?’. That ensured buy-in from the beginning.

Our Solution

The Problem We Solved

Pearl was able to frame the project knowing that the data was not 100% perfect. It began an internal process of refinement to deliver the most accurate results possible to inform the following year’s planning.

Pearl provided a clear idea of where they needed to improve data to make the insights move from directional to actionable. It gained widespread support and dedication from across Platts business, kick-starting the segmentation of data that will be further engrained into the organization with every year that passes.

The Results

How We Did It

We formed a small, nimble cross-functional team that had representation from Product Marketing, Market Intelligence, Sales and Finance from Platts in both London and New York, and a Pearl team of data analysts based in India and the UK.

Any concerns around timing and location were quickly quashed by everyone’s dedication to the project. With support across time zones, last-minute challenges were met, and Client-Pearl processes became seamless.

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