SUSEMarketing Leader gets Strategic with Data-Driven Thinking

SUSE provides and supports enterprise-grade Linux and open source solutions with exceptional service, value, and flexibility. The SUSE EMEA Marketing team, supported by Pearl Analytics, developed a market segmentation that allowed for insightful and actionable business insight.

The EMEA Sales leadership quickly took the idea to heart and recognized where new insights in the existing business could drive growth that was previously hidden in unstructured data.

Our Insight

Value We Created

Our analysis focused on the country by country contribution to EMEA’s overall performance. We were able to prove some territories were heavily under-penetrated against the ‘Real Addressable Market’ – a refined number that was created to more specifically align the portfolio.

The Insights also allowed sight of how our global strategic partners were contributing to the ‘Real Addressable Market’ and each other.

Our Solution

The Problem We Solved

The single most important challenge was data. As with many global organizations, customer data is always a challenge to keep up to date. More importantly, matching customer data to existing financial data proved difficult. Pearl Analytics was able to make the data useful for the opportunity assessment required.

The Results

How We Did It

We identified markets and customer types where the results of the opportunity study suggested there was room for improvement.

We were also able to scrutinise the partner ecosystem and individual partner contribution. The outcome provided an immediately actionable insight to investigate SUSE’s most valuable partners.

Matching our customer data to our financial data proved difficult. Fortunately, Pearl Analytics managed to make the data useful!
Freek Hemminga - Senior Marketing Leader
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